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Why Select Us ?

Experience  Our owner-operator, J. D. Haynes, has over 15 years experience in the pest control business.  In 2005, he went out on his own and started NO MORE MOLES, to concentrate strictly on mole extermination.
Attention  We visit your yard weekly, to determine the status of our traps, note the condition of the mole runs, look for any changes in the mole's activity, and adjust our strategy to meet any activity.  This close attention is critical to our high success rate.
References  If you are considering using us, and would like to check references, just call J. D. at (636) 233-4484, and he will be happy to give you the names of several customers, often near you.  
Angie's List  Angie's List is a website dedicated to collecting comments from customers regarding local service providers.  If you belong to Angie's List, you can check us out at no cost.  We have several favorable reviews on this website.